If you’re getting fed up with the salty flavours of summer, chips, Hungarian deep fried flat bread, and several grills, you will surely find these marvelous, home-made doughnuts a refreshing change. If you’re interested in a doughnut prepared without oil and baked in the oven, check Anna’s recipe. Doughnut recipe

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Chocolate Truffles

Trüffel golyó

There have been muesli bars, chocolate muffin and donkey-bread. But now, a real speciality comes to the stage: chocolate truffles. These splendid dessert treats are not only great for Christmas, but for any kind of celebration and even make an excellent gift. As shown in the pictures, they can be covered with …

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Kefir Cake

I first tasted this kefir-cake in England where my aunt made it for me when I visited her. The tart kefir and lemon flavour make it unique and, of course, really delicious. Another plus is that it can be sprinkled with anything you prefer – walnut, dark chocolate, fruit – …

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No Bake Puffed Rice Chocolate

Rizses csoki

In addition to the curd cake, here is another no-bake dessert. This puffed rice is my favourite homemade sweets recipe. Unfortunately, we rarely get the opportunity to make this chocolate because it’s difficult to obtain the milk-powder. However, at the holidays, maybe folks can find a way to afford it. …

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Best Guacamole Ever – Fuckamole


Mexican cuisine is getting more popular day by day. The mighty guacamole is one of its brightest diamonds. Restaurants tend to charge a significant price for a single serving, although you can prepare it pretty easily at home without having to spend a fortune. There are many variations, I have …

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There are several recipes that you should “own,” irrespectively of age or gender. The pancake is one of those classics that are not just for kids. I tend to cook them “on the fly,” paying little attention to the exact proportions of ingredients, so can they differ a bit from …

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Homemade Muesli Bar


Here’s my latest: a really easy to make dessert snack. As a bonus, this one is not only tasty, but healthy too! This muesli recipe is an autumn version, however, it can be also used at Christmas as the orange and cinnamon go with the holiday’s atmosphere. The addition of …

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